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Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Importance of a Playlist

For those DJ’s/podcasters out there, doing your thing in the comforts of your home studio or playing out in the clubs, a good and effective way to create a vibe is to focus on your playlist. It is not necessary to play on a single playlist, but having set of playlist of various vibes and tones is an advantage.

With the advances of technology, the art of mixing has changed dramatically, and more emphasis is given to track selection. Preparing various sets of playlist would definitely improve the work flow of a set, thus improving the listening experience of your audience. There are plenty of ways to sort a playlist, to each his own, as for myself, I like to sort by basslines (bpm), keys and aspects of a breakdown (depth and energy of a breakdown).

It is an art within itself, sorting out tracks that goes well with one another, blend seamlessly and bridges the vibe. In short, if you haven’t sorted your tracks in playlist formats, perhaps it’s time you do, and experience the flow for yourself.


Your friendly neighborhood podcaster,

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