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Friday, 7 September 2012

Underground Tech. /// Erotic Red

TGIF Peeps!!

So.. How are we this fine Friday? If you're reading this, you’re most likely tuned-into U.T.’s “Erotic Red”, Inspired by the sounds from Boudair Radio (Poland). I must say, I have been enjoying their podcast lately, sounds that capture my moods when in lingo or at ease, its perfect! If you have the time, Have a listen..

The seductive beats of Erotic Red was borne out of the dire need to program a mix full of chords that hits the soul (well for me anyways), A playlist of tracks that I for one could not resist to play. It starts a little moody but it does gradually take me to a place, where I feel the movement of my legs. Some would call it a “No-hands in the air” mix, which best describes the seismic pounce of every stomp from the knees down. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a good beat, I prefer to swag, front to back, right to left, it does not look jazzy, but feels just so right. HOW DO YOU DANCE??

It’s extremely difficult to cast a set without taking risk in the arts of four beat mixing, its even more challenging when it defies the notion that all beats match at the first beat. In English, Erotic Red Rocks!

Much thanks for tuning in and having a read..

Do take care,

Your friendly neighborhood podcaster,

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